WordPress error, unable to install theme and plugins.

June 12, 2021

Today, I got calls from my clients in Canada and the US with their WordPress websites. The issue is that they cannot update plugins, WordPress requires them to enter FTP credentials.
I went in and checked the issue. Found out Caching software is also failing to save cache and cannot upload any type of media (files) to WordPress upload.


  • When attempting to update WordPress or WordPress plugins, you may be asked for FTP connection details.
  • Unable to upload files using WordPress upload media.
  • Error on Caching plugin. ei: WP Rocket unable to save cache due to file system permission issue.


NOTE: You need root access to WHMor contact your hosting provider.

You can install mod_suexec or mod_ruid2 by following these steps:

  1. Log into WHM.
  2. Navigate to EasyApache 4.
  3. Select "Customize" under "Currently Installed Packages".
  4. Select "Apache modules" on the left side menu.
  5. Search for and mark mod_suexec or mod_ruid2 for installation. Note that you can only install one of these modules.
  6. Select "Review" on the left side menu and then "Provision" when the option appears.

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